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** 3/29/24 Site wide pricing updates will begin to take place **


Where is my order? 
After your piece is completed, you will receive a notification with the tracking information. Please make sure you include a frequently used email address to receive the tracking information.  If you do not receive it by the expected date check the tracking information as it may be available for pick-up at your local post office, Fed Ex or UPS location.
How long will it take to get my order? 
Unless the item happens to be in stock in the Ready to Ship section, most items take 4-5 weeks to make, plus additional time for shipping. When ordering, please take this timeline into consideration and choose appropriate shipping methods to fit your needs.  
Can you rush items?
 Depending on the current production schedule, we may be able to complete rush orders. However, an additional fee may apply.  You can also check in with my current stockists to see what they have on hand.  Please email if you have any questions regarding rush orders. 
 The ring is a surprise and I'm not sure what the finger size is?
     If at all possible, try to obtain the right size. If she has any other jewelry, have them measured/ sized by a local jeweler to get an idea. Another option is to check with a close girlfriend or family member. If all else fails, its good to order something larger. This way if the ring does need re-sizing it will be more inexpensive to size down rather than up. The only exception here is eternity bands- for these you need to be very accurate in your finger size.
The ring is too big/ too small what should I do?     
First double check your finger size. Take into consideration whether your finger might be slightly swollen due to weather changes or previous food or drink consumption. Give your hands a chance to normalize then try again to see how they fit. It is often a good idea to get an idea of average finger size throughout the course of a couple weeks. This is to accommodate for fluctuations due temperature changes and levels of physical activity. 
    How do you re-size the ring I purchased?     
When we do any kind of sizing adjustment it is done through a process of laser or micro welding. This creates a seamless, and in most cases, a superior bond to traditional methods of soldering. The other benefit is that it does not comprise the metal hardness through annealing as with torch methods. This is also advantageous when working close to gemstones that cannot endure heat from a torch.      
Can I have my local jeweler size it?
       We advise if there is any issue with size to please contact us first for direction. Your local jeweler may not use the same methods to maintain durability and maintain the finish of the piece.   
I have this other ring I bought somewhere, can you resize it for me? 
Sorry, we only size rings made by DMD Metal purchased through our online store.
I accidentally damaged my ring, can you fix it?
   Yes, it can likely be fixed. Send images of the damage to to discuss how to repair your ring. You will be given an initial quote before finalizing cost after looking at the damage in person. 
I ordered the wrong size, can you adjust it for me?    
Yes, we can re-size your ring for a small fee plus return shipping. If there was a sizing error on our part there will be no charge.     
What materials do you use? 
All materials consist of sterling silver, 14k gold. 18k and platinum items can be made by special order with some limitations.
Material descriptions of each piece will give exact material make up and availability.
Each piece is made with recycled gold.
White gold and is un plated and is a light gray to straw yellow in appearance.
If you are interested in pieces exclusively in recycled materials or Canadian diamond accents, or to rule out any questions in ethical sourcing email
     What is natural white gold?
   Unlike, most depictions, white gold is not naturally white. It is is often seen as bright white like platinum due to rhodium plating. 
White gold is naturally a very light warm grey or very light "straw yellow" color. What makes white gold not as yellow, is the addition of nickel or palladium to the metal alloy.
Nickel in gold alloys can also be very irritating to peoples skin.If you have a nickel allergy we can use a white gold alloy with palladium. Palladium is part of the platinum family and is hypo allergenic.
As far as aesthetics go, we feel the natural color of white gold works better for the visual feel of our pieces. 


     Are all your diamonds conflict free?
    Based on the guidelines of the Kimberley Process set forth in 2003,  all diamonds entering the U.S. market place are free of ties to conflict regions. The vendors we work with reinforce this claim and purchase rough only from countries that follow these guidelines. 
 However, there still are many ongoing concerns regarding the efficacy of this process as rough enters the supply chain. In addition the Kimberley process does not account for many of the human rights concerns that can be involved in the labor of mining these stones. 
This is an ongoing concern for many members of the jewelry making community and we are always working to find more sustainable sources for the materials we create with. 
If you would like to remove any doubt regarding origin or ethical mining practices, Canadian mined diamonds cut in certified facilities in India can be sourced.
Post consumer/ recycled sourced diamonds and lab grown diamonds are additional options. As industry reform is growing, these alternative sources may have some limitations regarding size and quality at this time.  


Are you open to custom projects?

At this time I am unable to take on full custom work. 

If there are elements to an existing designs on the site that you like but may want to change slightly, I may be able to accommodate. Things like changing thicknesses of pieces or different gem combinations could potentially be accommodated  as well. 

For more details email


Can I use my own diamonds for a custom piece?   
 Unfortunately, I am unable to work with customer provided or heirloom stones at this time.